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April 2, 2009
Property Taxes in Westchester

A Taxing Issue – How property taxes can impact home prices

It was just a few years ago that White Plains enjoyed significantly lower property taxes then the rest of the county thanks mostly to our large commercial and retail base. But even though that base has increased, the number successful certioari actions has also increased exponentially. The net result has been a shrinking tax base in the commercial/retail sector pushing the lions share of the burden on homeowners. Most notably: owners of single family homes. Although there was grumbling during the housing boom - residents were mollified by increasing home values. Now that that bubble has burst, the tax bubble has become the elephant in the room.
March 8, 2009

The Lower Westchester Housing Market – Buyers Market, Not Fire Sale

Although we are in the middle of a major housing market correction, many buyers are still in despair over housing prices in Westchester. They hear tales […]
March 5, 2009
Do I need a buyer's agent?

Why do I need a buyer’s agent if I find the home myself?

This is the single largest financial transaction that people make. Do you really want to enter into such a transaction unrepresented? Let me make this point crystal clear: Unless you have a buyer's agent representing you in your home purchase, you will be unrepresented during the negotiation process. Further, chances are, you are up against a pro who has a fiduciary obligation to represent their client - the seller.
February 6, 2009
Know your numbers - the role of interest rates

Homeowners Insurance: BOOOORING – until there’s a fire…..

Everyone is looking at this title and they are hitting the snooze button.  Home owners insurance is not likely to get buyers or sellers into a […]
January 12, 2009
What is happening to home values? They are going up!

What the Heck is Going On with the Crazy Westchester NY Housing Market? Taking a look back in order to move ahead.

Westchester has been resistant to price decreases since 2005: Until recently, the Westchester real estate market has been very resistant to the housing recession that has […]
December 29, 2008
What Rocks & What Flops

Mirror, mirror on the wall…who’s the fairest listing agent of all…Part 2

In my previous blog on choosing a listing agent, I explained why agents sell homes – not brokerages. If that’s the case, then the issue uppermost […]