March 15, 2009
larchmont in snow

The village of Larchmont in a snow storm…

Larchmont NY (town of Mamaroneck) is one of those wonderfully cozy villages that reminds me of more of the "old world" then the east coast of the United States. The following pictures are a reminder that the even this very difficult winter of our discontent and fear had its share of beauty and charm.
February 28, 2009
Larchmont - Long Island Sound

Larchmont NY, Housing and Market Statistics for Fourth Quarter 2008

Larchmont is one of the few areas that has, in some sectors, escaped the worst of the bear housing market - at least for the time being. Single family homes in Larchmont have been particularly resilient. Cooperatives have undergone a mild price correction, but compared to other parts of Westchester, Larchmont is on firmer footing.
December 1, 2008
Larchmont - Long Island Sound

Larchmont, NY – Housing & Market Statistics for 3rd Quarter 2008

  Larchmont’s third quarter revealed a mixed market. Not as bearish as some other areas. Throughout this housing correction, several pockets in lower Westchester have shown […]
October 15, 2008
Larchmont NY Market Update

Larchmont NY 10538 – Housing & Market Statistics Summer 2008

Larchmont is a small village located within the town of Mamaroneck. Larchmont is an elegant bedroom community with a combination of high-end cooperatives, a smattering of […]