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The Highlands White Plains NYWhen buyers ask me about White Plains NY homes – the first neighborhood that generally comes to their mind is the Highlands.  Homes in White Plains are very popular with buyers in general, but a home in the Highlands often on top of a buyer’s wish list when discussing specific neighborhoods.  And why not?  The Highlands has a prime location in a growing city.

The Upper and Lower Highlands –  Suburban and Walkable:

The upper Highlands at the southern end of White Plains is very suburban.  Larger lots with lots of mature growth with the bulk of homes in the pre-war charmer category.  The lower Highlands (north of Bryant Avenue) is a walkable neighborhood.  Once again – the pre-war home is the norm.   In general, the lots are smaller and the area though quite suburban has something of an urban vibe to it as well. Parts of this area are very walkable to the downtown and even the train  – though the latter would  depend on your precise location and just how much you like to walk.   So leaving the car is definitely a possible.  The Ritz Carlton Towers and the White Plains skyline are seasonally visible from many locations in the  lower Highlands.

For those who want a single family home, but want to be near the action and live in a walkable area – the Highlands is an ideal neighborhood.

White Plains NY Condos & Coops in the Highlands:

Although this neighborhood is dominated by single family homes and most of it is zoned exclusively for such housing – the portion of the Highlands that borders the downtown White Plains  has  several significant  low-rise condo complexes.  Some of the most desirable White Plains NY condos are located right on the edge of the downtown.  Most notably, there is White Oak on Greenridge Ave as well as the low-rise half of Jefferson Place.   The premier cooperative the Surrey Strathmore is also located on the edge of the Highlands.

Highlands White Plains NY

Commuter Heaven:

The commute to Manhattan is nothing short of ideal.  33 minutes by express train from White Plains to Grand Central Station.  White Plains is an express stop with three trains per hour off-peak – making for a very convenient commute.   For the Harlem line train schedule Click Here.


Home Pricing History for the Highlands  White Plains:

The chart enclosed shows the sales history of the Highlands from 2006 onward.  As can be seen prices have had a significant drop – particularly since the crash of 2008.  The drop has been about 16% as the desirability of the location has buffered the neighborhood against more severe price drops.   The median price of a home in the Highlands at the end of the first half of 2010 was $551,000 – down from $655,000 in 2006.

White Plains NY - Highlands Neighborhood

Home Pricing Update for Q3 2010:

The median price in Q3 2010 was $575,000.  Inventory remains fairly low with contracts and pendings indicating a 5 month inventory .  Price increases in neighboring municipalities show that for buyers – the time might be now.  Price increases in other towns and the lower inventory indicates the days of the great buyers market in this neighborhood  may be numbered.  White Plains NY homes for sale are popular but  sellers still need to be realistic as inventories of homes in White Plains remain somewhat high.

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