Where in Westchester…???

When I was in college there was a great computer game called “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.   I had a great deal of fun playing that game when I got my first computer in 1986.  There were subsequent versions such as “Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego.”  I believe there was even a TV show.

In any case, the “Carmen” series is the influence for my “Where in Westchester Series.   I have noticed a lot of confusion about the towns, villages and even cities in Westchester.  Indeed, it is quite confusing.  Between White Plains addresses (PO’s) in Greenburgh to Scarsdale zip codes and addresses in Yonkers, Eastchester and Edgemont – as well as five villages and two hamlets occupying one town – things can get very confusing.

I am hoping that these blogs and maps will help even long-time residents get a better feel for where things and municipalities vs. PO addresses and zip codes.  Even as a life-long resident of the county – some of this was confusing to me when I started selling real estate. Other areas of the country have similar issues I’m sure.  But I’m also certain that Westchester ranks up there with respect to being confusing.

The emphasis will be on lower Westchester and a link to each new blog post can be found on The web page  “Where in Westchester”.   Each post will also be found in the new “Where in Westchester” category as well on the far right sidebar of The Westchester View. Each post will also contain a map of the area and its location relative to other towns and villages as well as links to information about trains and the main highways  running through and around it.

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