For Sale in Ossining NY – 21 Browning Drive – 10562

21 Browning - Ossining NY 10562Just the Facts:

Current Price:  $750,000 (subject to change)
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 4.5
SF: 3428
Lot size: 0.4425 acres

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When a listing agent wants too much “control” over showings…

In a couple of previous podcasts, I spent some time discussing the role of the listing agent in the real estate transaction both before and after the home is listed for sale and I hope that  I was able to convince you that listing a home is far more than just sticking a sign in the ground and collecting ginormous checks.

A good listing agent is worth their weight in gold and  more than earns their commission.  Unfortunately, finding that agent often takes a more hands-on knowledge of how the real estate industry works then most home sellers could ever be expected to have.  So over time, I will be posting podcasts that help home owners find the right agent. Hey, you may even decide that I’m the right agent for you, and that would be awesome.

relocate homeToday I will discuss something that can be a big red flag:

A listing agent who wants too much control over showings…

When you ask the listing agent how they plan to handle the showings, listen carefully.  If they discourage the traditional lock box and want the showing agent to pick up keys at the brokerage, its a potential red flag.  The same holds true for an agent that insists on being present at all the showings.

A typical seller might ask why this is a problem.  After all, it looks as though the agent is just doing his/her job and being industrious.  There is nothing wrong with being industrious, but it should be for valid  reasons. These days, we have electronic lock boxes with coded access.  These aren’t the flimsy boxes of yesteryear.  So Unless the home is in the $2 million+  range  and security is truly an issue, these conditions are only creating unnecessary roadblocks for buyers agents and their buyers.  You know, the people who want to see your home because they are in the market to buy a house! 

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Westchester homes with history and modern amenities

Historic Home - Tarrytown NY 10591When you live in Westchester NY, particularly in one of the river towns, you often find yourself bumping up against history. Sometimes, when you are in the market for a new home, you may find yourself living in history. Westchester has a rich history and a home buyer is quite likely to find themselves looking at homes built in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

Some home buyers have a fear of older homes,  while others embrace them.  The most common fears expressed by a minority of buyers are often misplaced.  Generally they have to do with soundness and maintenance.  Often the building materials are more solid than what we build today and theses homes, if maintained, generally have excellent “bones”.  Many of these homes have been fully modernized.  You may be living with history, but that doesn’t mean that you are living in a museum or a home that doesn’t conform to today’s needs.

Historic Home - Tarrytown NY 10591

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Don’t set foot on that new construction site without knowing the rules of the road!

Issues about new construction have been a non-issue for some time.  But as the market is changing from bear to bull, the builders are back and new developments are starting to spring up.  So its time to talk once again about the surprisingly tricky issue of visiting new construction sites.

New Construction

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Jefferson Place of White Plains NY – Sales Update:

Its been past time for an update on Jefferson Place in White Plains.  As the housing recovery has moved from a buyers market into sellers market territory, we are seeing prices make a comeback in the White Plains condo and coop market.

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Beyond the sign in the ground – What listing agents actually do…(Part 2 of 2)

This is a continuation of a previous podcast about what listing agents actually do.  If you missed the first podcast,  on what an agent does before they list your home, you can click here.  I may end up adding a PS to this series, so stay tuned for more posts on this topic.

This podcast is focussing on what a listing agent does once your home is on the market and what their role is after the contracts ares signed  but before the actual closing.

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Beyond the sign in the ground – What listing agents actually do….(Part I of 2)

With the coming of spring, home sellers start putting their homes on the market.  A goodly percentage of sellers have a very dim view of an agent’s value and a some do try to sell their homes on their own.

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Bridges in Parallel – The New Tappan Zee Bridge….

The old TZ lies just south of the new TZ

The old TZ lies just south of the new TZ

Since 1955 the Tappan Zee bridge running from Tarrytown in Westchester County to Nyack in Rockland County has provided  a vital connection for the flow of traffic across the Hudson River.  An average of 140,000 vehicles cross the Tappan Zee daily.   Unfortunately, the original bridge was built to last a mere 50 years and so the Tappan Zee is well past its prime.  Realizing that the bridge was on borrowed time, the project to build a new bridge has been on the drawing boards for about a decade.  There were several models, tons of local issues, but the construction finally began in the summer of 2013.

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Is housing inventory in a deep freeze? Why are so few homes on the market?

It may be spring – but brrrrrr….its cold out there.  At least when it comes to the tight  housing inventory that is currently on the Westchester NY market.

Throughout this very long winter, Westchester real estate agents and their buyers have been eagerly anticipating the gush of properties that comes onto the market each spring.  All through the winter, the housing inventory has been terribly tight with only the tiniest trickle of new listings.

The sad irony is that buyers have been out and about and are readier than ever to pull the trigger.  More so now than I’ve seen since before the crash.  The glitch is that there is precious little to show them.

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Fotos on the fly: Silent Snow….the winter of 2015

God knows we had many a storm along the east coast this winter.  Some were blizzards with fairly high winds, some were storms mixed with ice and snow  where the snow came down in heavy clumps.  Sometimes the snow was as light as a feather due to the cold…

As we say goodbye to one of the coldest and stormiest winters I can remember in Westchester NY, here are some photos from the “silent snow” of early March where the air was so still that the snow clung to ever branch and leaf – creating a fairyland of sorts.  These were taking from my front and side-yard.

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